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The Power of Oats. Bottled.

Powering the IDF Walk for ImmunoDeficiency in New York City

Oatworks was proud to be part of the IDF Walk for ImmunoDeficiency, which took place in New York City on Sunday, October 26th 2014. The Walk attracted approximately 500 people, ranging from kids to parents to grandparents, and was blessed by perfect weather. The combined efforts of the walkers, their families and friends raised almost $100,000 for the Immune Deficiency Foundation, a fantastic achievement.

You can see some pictures from the event below and on our Facebook page:

For more information about the IDF and their events, please see the following link:

The Benefits of Oats and Why We Should Care

Here at Oatworks, we're always stressing the benefits of this drink; it's vegan, has no artificially added flavors, no sugar, no preservatives, contains the power of two bowls of Oatmeal, and finally is 100% juice. In response to this all you might be thinking, "Well, duh it's juice!", but the truth is that A LOT of our favorite treats these days have ingredients that we can't pronounce, let alone explain how they get in our drinks, and that's something that Oatworks avoids altogether. To elaborate, here are some of the reasons that we avoid what we do.

1. Artificially Added Flavor

Food and drinks that contain artificially added flavors and preservatives mostly do because of shelf-life; these additives give longer lasting color and "flavor" but what they also do is give nothing nutritionally to the consumer. Preservatives especially, which are meant to stop fermentation, also mask really scary qualities of, for example, soda, which as seen in many viral videos, reacts almost alarmingly to certain basic things like milk. Although it's illegal to do so, additives are so controversial because of their invisibility; some brands have yet to specify their presence, knowing this fact could hurt sales.

2. 100% Juice

Fruits provide A LOT of things including water, vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients. Although most of the sugar supplied by fresh fruits is mostly in the form of carbohydrates, fresh fruit gives us nutrients WHILE providing these necessary bits of energy.

3. We reiterate.. Oats. Are. Powerful.

You might get sick of us saying it, but oats are seriously underrated in their abilities. They first offer dietary fiber, or beta-glucan, which is essential for our digestive system but also proven to help lower cholesterol! Oats are also filled with "...manganese, selenium, phosphorus, fiber, magnesium, zinc...carotenoids, tocols (Vitamin E), flavonoids and avenanthramides..." just to name a few of course.

Oatworks doesn't play around We see the importance of this, and that's why our ingredients are straightforward, plain and simple. We give tasty fruit, powerful oats, and leave out the can't-pronounce-ingredients. What more could you want?

How to Love Oats Even More!

If you’re already an Oatworks fan, you know that eating oats has tons of health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, easing the digestive process, and helping with weight management. If you’re not yet an oat-loving convert, you may be surprised to hear that oats have lots of other great uses that don’t involve consuming them. Here’s some more reasons to love our favorite grain:

1. Naturally Moisturizing

Oats are naturally moisturizing because they can help remove dead skin cells, but they also contain beta-glucan which creates a film that helps lock in moisture. Sounds a lot better than spending $50 on an expensive moisturizer, right? This site recommends combining two cups of oats with a cup of milk and a tablespoon of honey to give your skin a treat.

2. Soothes Summertime Skin Ailments

Summer is great, but if you’re the outdoors type, you’ve definitely had your share of poison ivy, bug bites, and sunburn. When the itching gets unbearable, a nice oatmeal bath will be your saving grace. The chemical makeup of oats has anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. You can buy colloidal oats packets that are specifically designed to be added to warm or tepid (not hot) water. There’s also this fancy recipe, or you can just grab a meshy cloth, like a cheesecloth filled with ground oats and put it near the faucet. Then relax!

3. Your Hair Loves It

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.24.19 AM.png

Have you been noticing that your hair is super dry and brittle lately? Oats could give your hair the boost it needs. They’re packed with B vitamins, which are great for restoring moisture to hair and giving it that shampoo commercial level shine. Try this recipe for an oats-based hair mask. Bonus: if your scalp is dry and flaky, the hair mask will help with that, as well!

There are countless other ways to utilize oats that don’t involve eating them, but the above are some of our favorites. We also recommend getting the full benefits of oats by enjoying a nice chilled bottle of Oatworks while you’re at it! Do you have any other ways that you use oats? Please share with us in the comments!

How To: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Sometimes the only thing that will quench your appetite is something sweet and sugary. Unfortunately, the same sugar that we love to indulge in, is the same sugar that causes an abundance of health problems! Lucky for us though, there are plenty of other options out there that can satisfy that craving.

We might jump to assume that few things come close to the “real” thing, but these options are much better (health AND taste wise) than processed sugars or corn syrup, which besides having unfavorable effects on our insides, are not nearly as fun and gourmet as the following options!

Agave Nectar

Agave gives you the major versatility when it comes to kicking your snacks up a notch. If you want to go the organic route, you can try Agave Amber. Another great aspect about this substitute is that it’s less harmful for diabetics to have as a treat once in a while. Being that its consistency resembles that of honey, not only is it a perfect substitute for maple syrup, but it’s also very popular among bakers, who swap it in for cobblers, candied yams and pie recipes.


As it’s already pretty common in peoples’ daily diets, this alternative source of sweetness may come as no surprise. Honey has been used for thousands of years, the main selling point being that fact that it never goes bad! It contains rich antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins that are packed with all the flavor and none of the refined sugar. It’s low glycemic and, as a result, is usually used for weight management, a remedy for coughs and sore throats, and even helps fight insomnia. Just stay away from processed Honey, which lacks the essential vitamins and nutrients which make this option such a strong candidate!


Fruits are the perfect substitute for satisfying your sweet-tooth. The naturally occurring sugars are more than enough to help you sustain energy throughout your day, and the amounts of recipes that come from just a good batch are endless! This is why we incorporate fruit in every bottle of Oatworks. Fruit can be added into many different recipes as a natural sweetener; you can puree, blend, and mix fruit into almost any dessert, or you can just enjoy them as-is!


Molasses is also low on the glycemic index, and can be considered one of the more rich options. It claims the highest amounts of Vitamin B6, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and manganese. It may not seem like the most versatile substitute, but with just the right recipes, you’re in for a tasty, bold, and rich treat!

There is a reason why so many people are switching to healthier lifestyles, one of them being that nature can provide you with all the things your body needs to keep your health in check while providing tasty options! You can find every taste from spicy and sour, to salty and sweet. Using these simple ingredients, you’ll never be feel deprived again!

Have other options that we didn't mention? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Energy is Natural Energy

Do you ever feel like you’re never fully rested, and are constantly a walking zombie? We’re frequently making excuses on why we can’t do activities, but in actuality, we’re investing our time and money on unhealthy habits.

You don’t need “super-charged” energy drinks or a full 10 hour sleep to feel brand new; just follow a couple of these tips and see how your life (and battery power) will change for the better!

Get your heart pumping.

It may not be everyone’s forte, but cardio is crucial nowadays because of the constant overflow of processed foods and prolonged times of sitting at office desks. Both CNN and BBC have claimed that even short workouts can improve your overall fitness, which in turn helps prevent heart disease. Remember: a healthier a body equals a happier you!

Grab some nuts.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 4.56.09 PM.png

When you’re bored at home watching TV you may want to go straight for something crunchy, but don’t fall for those tempting go-to snacks! Instead, go NUTS with NUTS. Aside from the many different kinds that there are to benefit your health, examples include walnuts, which are packed with healthy omega-3s, and almonds, which are filled with vitamin E and plenty of antioxidants!


Water, as surprising as this might sound, acts like an energy drink. Many times we are not getting headaches or fatigue from exhaustion, but dehydration, and being dehydrated is just as bad as being hungry. Your body is comprised of 60% water, and if you’re not drinking enough, your body is being deprived of necessary nutrients, so drink up!

Soak up the sun.  

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 4.18.39 PM.png

With the Sun’s UV rays, our bodies make vitamin D, which helps absorb calcium and protect us from diseases like osteoporosis. Also, sunlight awakens our internal clock to let us know that we need to start our day. Put on some SPF, and you’re ready for an instant energy boost.

Everyone has different styles when it comes to getting your energy level up, but just keep in mind that energy in a can is a short-term solution for your long-term energy needs. Making smart choices and eating the ‘right’ snacks are where you will see your long-term relationship with energy and health strengthened!

Veganism: It's Not What You Think (Or is it)

When someone says that they’re planning to “go vegan” your first reaction might be to console your sad friend for losing one of America’s staples: meat. But, you may actually be surprised at what being a vegan actually means; from giving up animal byproducts to cutting out the steak, veganism not only benefits your health (and acts as natures own cleanse), but it’s good for the environment too! Here are some examples of things we think we know about veganism, and what is actually the case.

1) The point of being Vegan goes way beyond just altering your diet.

Going vegan helps the environment greatly. Not eating meat saves more on carbon emissions than owning a prius! More than 70% of grain produced just in the U.S. is used to feed livestock, and 30% of the Earth’s land mass is used to raise these animals.

2) “It’s hard because you’ll be the only one doing it.”

Besides the fact that over 7.5 million people have already committed to this lifestyle, Google even released its own study, proving the upward interest in veganism that this country has experienced in the last 10 years. #EatingClean and other inspiring social movements have also, more casually, led to an increase in attractiveness of the diet; it’s basically impossible to not find a Pinterest recipe delicious!

3) It can be… DELICIOUS.

Say what! Yes, veganism can be deliciously possible and the proof is in the pudding (or at least in the Oatworks). We’re totally vegan-friendly, and there are a bunch of other awesome options that are (almost as) cool like us! Whether you’d like to whip up a freshly made smoothie for breakfast, or have your favorite oat cereal with almond, soy, or rice milk, nowadays the vegan diet is completely consumer (and taste-bud) friendly.

Not convinced yet? No worries. Like every life-change, becoming a vegan might take you a lot of thinking and time, and a lot of research. Trying to find a way to learn more? Events, like for example The Seed, are geared towards providing you with the tools to proceed with a vegan lifestyle with an open mind and palate. Not considering it at all? No worries either… just make sure you grab your favorite Oatworks smoothie to power up!


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Overnight Oats for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert!

Oat lovers, are you ready for the solution to all of your “what do I eat for breakfast” problems? These recipes will restore your faith in breakfast (and in the power of oats), and your children will be satisfied and most importantly, healthy.

Here is the basic recipe to follow when making overnight oats:

1. First, mix rolled oats with an equal amount of your liquid of choice (for example, your favorite Oatworks flavor). You can use any combination of dairy or nondairy milk, yogurt, or even juice; just stick with the same basic 1:1 ratio. If you’re using steel cut oats, use more liquid to avoid gumminess.

2. Mix any spices, sweeteners, or dried fruit you prefer into the oats and milk.

3. Store in a glass jar and let the oats soak for at least three hours, (ideally overnight).

4. In the morning, you can add fresh fruit, nuts, and other favorite toppings to your oatmeal.

This first recipe only takes five minutes to make. How much easier could a healthy and fueling breakfast get?

Here are some other overnight oats that you can try to change up your routine:

Make these oats however you want them, change it up, and enjoy what you are eating. If you come up with a great new recipe tell us in the comments below!

Innovation, We Like It

Over at Oatworks we're big fans of innovation (we do sell a real oats beverage in a lump-free delicious way), so it's no wonder why we would want to be a part of this week's upcoming event. Startup Grind NYC will host the CEO and founder of LearnVest, Alexa von Tobel, on June 24 at 6:00pm, and we couldn't be more excited!

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 9.29.31 AM.png

So this got us thinking, in what ways does Oatworks represent innovation?

1. The Power of Oats. Bottled.

Each bottle of Oatworks is packed with as much oat beta glucan soluble fiber as you’d find in TWO bowls of oatmeal. That's pretty innovative if you ask us. Besides being super powerful and super healthy, that makes Oatworks an ideal breakfast on-the-go, with the perfect amount of punch to kick start your day and keep you powered up throughout.

2. Lump free but still oat-powered?

Yep, we're smoother than a perfect peach, and you'll have to try us to believe us.

3. The Taste.

Oatworks is nutritious, convenient and fueling, but it's the taste that will really blow your mind. Nothing beats a chilled Oatworks smoothie in the morning before heading out to conquer the day ahead. Choose from our three delicious flavors - Peach Mango, Pomegranate Blueberry or Strawberry Banana - and enjoy the goodness of oats like you’ve never done before.

So, in honor of all things innovative, make sure to reserve your spot at next week's event, and remember to grab your favorite Oatworks beverage!


Spotted On: The Frosted Vegan

On May 11, Abby Thompson of The Frosted Vegan opened up her Vegan Cuts subscription box and told us all about why she loved Oatworks.

I also drank the OatWorks Pomegranate Blueberry oat powered smoothie as well, which was a great mid-morning snack at work. I loved that it wasn’t chunky or anything, but was still really filling and flavorful. I usually eat lunch around 11am since I get up so early, but after having this during the mid-morning, I was able to hold off until 12:30pm (big deal in my book, I’m usually starving by 11).

About The Frosted Vegan:

The Frosted Vegan is a cultivation of love and passion for mainstreaming the vegan culinary approach.  I want my readers to recreate a recipe and proclaim “That is vegan?! But it’s so good!”. Vegan food is wholesome and delicious, as well as accessible and easy.

Want to work with me? Shoot me an e-mail or use the contact form at the top of the page! I am available for food styling, photography, and baked goods services.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at, I love hearing from you.


Check out her full review here!