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The Power of Oats. Bottled.

The Benefits of Oats and Why We Should Care

Here at Oatworks, we're always stressing the benefits of this drink; it's vegan, has no artificially added flavors, no sugar, no preservatives, contains the power of two bowls of Oatmeal, and finally is 100% juice. In response to this all you might be thinking, "Well, duh it's juice!", but the truth is that A LOT of our favorite treats these days have ingredients that we can't pronounce, let alone explain how they get in our drinks, and that's something that Oatworks avoids altogether. To elaborate, here are some of the reasons that we avoid what we do.

1. Artificially Added Flavor

Food and drinks that contain artificially added flavors and preservatives mostly do because of shelf-life; these additives give longer lasting color and "flavor" but what they also do is give nothing nutritionally to the consumer. Preservatives especially, which are meant to stop fermentation, also mask really scary qualities of, for example, soda, which as seen in many viral videos, reacts almost alarmingly to certain basic things like milk. Although it's illegal to do so, additives are so controversial because of their invisibility; some brands have yet to specify their presence, knowing this fact could hurt sales.

2. 100% Juice

Fruits provide A LOT of things including water, vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients. Although most of the sugar supplied by fresh fruits is mostly in the form of carbohydrates, fresh fruit gives us nutrients WHILE providing these necessary bits of energy.

3. We reiterate.. Oats. Are. Powerful.

You might get sick of us saying it, but oats are seriously underrated in their abilities. They first offer dietary fiber, or beta-glucan, which is essential for our digestive system but also proven to help lower cholesterol! Oats are also filled with "...manganese, selenium, phosphorus, fiber, magnesium, zinc...carotenoids, tocols (Vitamin E), flavonoids and avenanthramides..." just to name a few of course.

Oatworks doesn't play around We see the importance of this, and that's why our ingredients are straightforward, plain and simple. We give tasty fruit, powerful oats, and leave out the can't-pronounce-ingredients. What more could you want?