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The Power of Oats. Bottled.

The Best Energy is Natural Energy

Do you ever feel like you’re never fully rested, and are constantly a walking zombie? We’re frequently making excuses on why we can’t do activities, but in actuality, we’re investing our time and money on unhealthy habits.

You don’t need “super-charged” energy drinks or a full 10 hour sleep to feel brand new; just follow a couple of these tips and see how your life (and battery power) will change for the better!

Get your heart pumping.

It may not be everyone’s forte, but cardio is crucial nowadays because of the constant overflow of processed foods and prolonged times of sitting at office desks. Both CNN and BBC have claimed that even short workouts can improve your overall fitness, which in turn helps prevent heart disease. Remember: a healthier a body equals a happier you!

Grab some nuts.

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When you’re bored at home watching TV you may want to go straight for something crunchy, but don’t fall for those tempting go-to snacks! Instead, go NUTS with NUTS. Aside from the many different kinds that there are to benefit your health, examples include walnuts, which are packed with healthy omega-3s, and almonds, which are filled with vitamin E and plenty of antioxidants!


Water, as surprising as this might sound, acts like an energy drink. Many times we are not getting headaches or fatigue from exhaustion, but dehydration, and being dehydrated is just as bad as being hungry. Your body is comprised of 60% water, and if you’re not drinking enough, your body is being deprived of necessary nutrients, so drink up!

Soak up the sun.  

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With the Sun’s UV rays, our bodies make vitamin D, which helps absorb calcium and protect us from diseases like osteoporosis. Also, sunlight awakens our internal clock to let us know that we need to start our day. Put on some SPF, and you’re ready for an instant energy boost.

Everyone has different styles when it comes to getting your energy level up, but just keep in mind that energy in a can is a short-term solution for your long-term energy needs. Making smart choices and eating the ‘right’ snacks are where you will see your long-term relationship with energy and health strengthened!