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Spotted On: The Frosted Vegan

On May 11, Abby Thompson of The Frosted Vegan opened up her Vegan Cuts subscription box and told us all about why she loved Oatworks.

I also drank the OatWorks Pomegranate Blueberry oat powered smoothie as well, which was a great mid-morning snack at work. I loved that it wasn’t chunky or anything, but was still really filling and flavorful. I usually eat lunch around 11am since I get up so early, but after having this during the mid-morning, I was able to hold off until 12:30pm (big deal in my book, I’m usually starving by 11).

About The Frosted Vegan:

The Frosted Vegan is a cultivation of love and passion for mainstreaming the vegan culinary approach.  I want my readers to recreate a recipe and proclaim “That is vegan?! But it’s so good!”. Vegan food is wholesome and delicious, as well as accessible and easy.

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