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The Power of Oats. Bottled.

How to Love Oats Even More!

If you’re already an Oatworks fan, you know that eating oats has tons of health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, easing the digestive process, and helping with weight management. If you’re not yet an oat-loving convert, you may be surprised to hear that oats have lots of other great uses that don’t involve consuming them. Here’s some more reasons to love our favorite grain:

1. Naturally Moisturizing

Oats are naturally moisturizing because they can help remove dead skin cells, but they also contain beta-glucan which creates a film that helps lock in moisture. Sounds a lot better than spending $50 on an expensive moisturizer, right? This site recommends combining two cups of oats with a cup of milk and a tablespoon of honey to give your skin a treat.

2. Soothes Summertime Skin Ailments

Summer is great, but if you’re the outdoors type, you’ve definitely had your share of poison ivy, bug bites, and sunburn. When the itching gets unbearable, a nice oatmeal bath will be your saving grace. The chemical makeup of oats has anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. You can buy colloidal oats packets that are specifically designed to be added to warm or tepid (not hot) water. There’s also this fancy recipe, or you can just grab a meshy cloth, like a cheesecloth filled with ground oats and put it near the faucet. Then relax!

3. Your Hair Loves It

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.24.19 AM.png

Have you been noticing that your hair is super dry and brittle lately? Oats could give your hair the boost it needs. They’re packed with B vitamins, which are great for restoring moisture to hair and giving it that shampoo commercial level shine. Try this recipe for an oats-based hair mask. Bonus: if your scalp is dry and flaky, the hair mask will help with that, as well!

There are countless other ways to utilize oats that don’t involve eating them, but the above are some of our favorites. We also recommend getting the full benefits of oats by enjoying a nice chilled bottle of Oatworks while you’re at it! Do you have any other ways that you use oats? Please share with us in the comments!