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The Power of Oats. Bottled.

Spotted On: Teachable Mommy

An ex-Kindergarten teacher, now stay-at-home mom who is always on the look out for healthier living, shares what she likes about Oatworks and is having a giveaway:

Oatworks are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Dairy Free
  • non-GMO
  • Cholesterol free
  • Natural Oat Fiber
  • Awesome (ok I added this one to their list, but it should be on the bottle)

Why do I say awesome? Well aside from tasting freshly made and great, they are my perfect workout buddy. After a good workout I always feel drained and starving! But I don’t always want to eat something huge and honestly it would most likely make me sick. That’s why I drink Oatworks after I run or workout. It tastes great, fills me, and refreshes meI told you it was the perfect fitness buddy. Also, Oatworks is awesome because it is made without artificial preservatives, flavors, colorings, and is sweetener free. Oatworks only has sugar that is naturally found in the fruits they use for each drink.

About Teachable Mommy

Encouraged by her husband and close friends, she began blogging to reach out and share her story with others. Teachable Mommy is about teaching others, teaching her children, while at the same time always learning. Ashley believes you should never stop learning. Ashley hopes that she can inspire everyone who reads her blog to enjoy life to the fullest even with it’s ups and downs.

Check out her full review of Oatworks and how to enter the giveaway here.