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Get Your Cardio On The Go


Ah, the city that never sleeps. New York’s always busy and finding time in your daily schedule to exercise is just plain hard. Your gym membership may have expired and you keep telling yourself you’ll renew it tomorrow… and then the next day. So how can you find a way to cram some cardio into your life? The answer is by turning your boring public transportation commute into a cardio-filled bicycle trip! Citibike, which was launched this past May, is a public bicycle sharing system from Citigroup, which allows you to “rent” a bike from anyone of the 330 bicycle stations located throughout Manhattan. For about 10 bucks a day you can hop on a blue one and scoot on over to work. They also offer yearly passes for $95.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no excuse not to be active! Just remember to wear a helmet and sip an Oatworks!