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The Power of Oats. Bottled.

Spotted On: Shockingly Delicious

Dorothy is a mom of two, and long-time recipe collector, that shares reviews of recipes and other scrumptious things. For the month of February, she included Oatworks on the list of things she loves. And here is why:

In this month of hearts, let’s watch out for ours! I’m drinking OatWorks Oat-Powered Smoothie, a 170-calorie beverage sweetened with fruit juice that contains oat soluble fiber, which thickens it slightly. It has none of the pesky stuff (is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, dairy free, non-GMO, no cholesterol), and lots of the good stuff (fruit juices and fruit purees). Beta glucan, the soluble fiber in the oat, is responsible for many of its key health benefits; it has been proven to help lower levels of bad cholesterol. A 12-ounce bottle of this has as much soluble fiber as two bowls of oatmeal. My kids like it, too, chilled or over ice.

About Shockingly Delicious

“Shockingly delicious” is one of those things I say when something tastes beyond wonderful. Or else it’s “scary good,” but that doesn’t sound so fantabulous as a blog title, does it? Scary good, as in, “This caramel-banana-butterscotch-pecan bar is scary good.”  If something is shockingly delicious or scary good, prepare to find a 12-step program to wean yourself from it.

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Spotted On: Hey Mishka

With the craziness that comes with Fashion Week for those in the fashion industry, Hey Mishka shares her breakfast on-the-go and it's Oatworks:

Some would say the 30 minutes of yoga, DIY green smoothie and meditation session are morning rituals that are crucial to surviving the busiest week of New York’s fashion calendar, but sometimes what you need is an extra hour of sleep and a quick and healthy breakfast to-go.

For these exact reasons, I love my stash of Oat Works smoothies. These heart-healthy, energy boosting bottles of goodness are convenient and filling, perfect for mornings when I still have one eye closed, am 15 minutes late, and can’t figure out how to operate my blender due to exhaustion. Also, they’re super delicious.

About Hey Mishka

Hey Mishka is a Brooklyn-based blog dedicated to amazing style, creative living, and endless festivity. I share plenty of snapshots of my colorful, lovely life here too. I’m all about creative & stylish living from head-to-toe, wall-to-wall. I believe every single day is worth celebrating, and we should always be exploring ways to illuminate our lives with gratitude and dance moves.

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Spotted On: Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE)

The Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE) gets together with the founder of Oatworks, David Peters, to get the details on how Oatworks was born:

What if you could experience of the health benefits of a bowl of oatmeal without being subject to its lumpy texture? That’s the sort of thinking that got David Peters, founder of Oatworks, to develop his product, a smooth, blended health beverage that consists of oats and fruits mixed together.

“Some people think of oatmeal as having the consistency or taste of soggy cardboard,” Peters explained. But Oatworks wanted to develop a product with a smooth finish to it. And a product that’s not just a smoothie—but a “Smoothie 2.0,” as Peters calls it.

About Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE)

We're Columbia's student entrepreneurship society and the largest non-partisan, secular student organization on campus. We're a team of builders and doers, and we're proud of our track record of strong execution across a packed array of events and programs. We bring founders and innovators to campus to share entrepreneurial experiences. We organize and host workshops, challenges, and lectures to help students develop their skills. We provide resources and workshops for starting a business or joining a startup.

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Spotted On: Cuisine Noir

Always on the lookout for new and existing products to enhance readers’ culinary and travel experiences, Cuisine Noir now loves Oatworks:

Rethink your drink with Oat Works and get your daily dose of oats in a bottle with these three yummy flavors: Peach Mango, Pomegranate Blueberry and Strawberry Banana.  All drinks are vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free and each bottle has as much soluble fiber as 2 bowls of oatmeal. Great for that morning get-you-going drink on the go.

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Spotted On: Theme Park Mama

Oatworks and Blogger, Theme Park Mama are hoping to make your January (and National Oatmeal Month) a whole lot better by giving away an Oatworks Gift Pack. The gift pack includes oat and fruit smoothies from Oatworks, which come in 3 flavors, Pomegranate Blueberry, Peach Mango, and Strawberry Banana. Theme Park Mama is a mother of 7 living in Central Florida. Check our her blog for product reviews and what to do in and around Central Florida.

For a chance to win the Oatworks gift pack, click here!

Happy #nationaloatmealmonth

Spotted On: 7 Kids and US

Two moms always on the look out for things to do with 7 kids share why they love Oatworks:

Oatworks is an "oat powered natural smoothie". It's packed with fruit puree and the best part of the oat-(the soluble fiber a.k.a. beta glucan) which has many key health benefits like beingscientifically proven to improve heart health by lowering levels of bad cholesterol (called LDL cholesterol)*.  The viscous gel formed by oat beta glucan also entraps nutrients and slows down digestion, avoiding sugar “highs” and ensuring longer-lasting energy.

Packed with fiber, it's the great way to start your day, to avoid the mid morning "crash". 

So, how does it taste? It's pretty good! It reminds me a lot of oatmeal, which I love..though it's obviously not as thick. It really DOES make you feel full because of all the it's also great for those of us trying to lose a few pounds!

About 7 Kids and US

Casey and Paige are moms in Central Florida always on the lookout for fun things to do with 7 kids!
We love to review products, with 7 kids we are open to any baby or kids items, as well as items for mommies, pets (dogs, cats and fish) and home or electronics. 

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Spotted On: Teachable Mommy

An ex-Kindergarten teacher, now stay-at-home mom who is always on the look out for healthier living, shares what she likes about Oatworks and is having a giveaway:

Oatworks are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Dairy Free
  • non-GMO
  • Cholesterol free
  • Natural Oat Fiber
  • Awesome (ok I added this one to their list, but it should be on the bottle)

Why do I say awesome? Well aside from tasting freshly made and great, they are my perfect workout buddy. After a good workout I always feel drained and starving! But I don’t always want to eat something huge and honestly it would most likely make me sick. That’s why I drink Oatworks after I run or workout. It tastes great, fills me, and refreshes meI told you it was the perfect fitness buddy. Also, Oatworks is awesome because it is made without artificial preservatives, flavors, colorings, and is sweetener free. Oatworks only has sugar that is naturally found in the fruits they use for each drink.

About Teachable Mommy

Encouraged by her husband and close friends, she began blogging to reach out and share her story with others. Teachable Mommy is about teaching others, teaching her children, while at the same time always learning. Ashley believes you should never stop learning. Ashley hopes that she can inspire everyone who reads her blog to enjoy life to the fullest even with it’s ups and downs.

Check out her full review of Oatworks and how to enter the giveaway here.

Spotted On: Giggles, Gobbles, & Gulps

A writer and mom-of-two from southern Jersey shares her views of Oatworks for National Oatmeal Month:

Oatworks are vegan friendly, gluten-free, diary free, non-GMO, have no cholesterol and are kosher. They are made with natural oat fiber and come in three flavors – strawberry banana, peach mango and pomegranate blueberry.   Oatworks is a convenient way to get the benefits of oats when your pressed for time and on the go.  The Oatworks smoothies are smooth and not lumpy.  It is a refreshing drink for the morning.  I chose to refrigerate my Oatworks although they do not require refrigeration.  My favorite flavor was the peach mango.   You can learn more about Oatworks by checking out their website.  Oatworks is available at several retailers and you can also purchase them from Amazon.  I suggest the variety pack.

About Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps™

Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps™ (GGG) is a quirky little blog about all things important – food, drink and a dash of life. This New Jersey – Philadelphia area blog was started in September 2012 as a way to share the many recipes, ideas and everyday celebrations that help bond families together, encourage friendships and create lasting memories.  Consider it your go-to fuss-free food and drink blog. I promise, we are a lot of fun.

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Spotted On: From Ice Cream to Marathon

A woman on a journey to become fit and healthy shares why she loves Oatworks:

Did you guys know January is National Oatmeal Month? I didn't either!! 
I was recently contacted by Oatworks, asking if I would be interested in trying their smoothies. I started doing some research on them, and found that you would need to eat 2 bowls of oatmeal each day to get as much soluble fiber as is in each bottle of Oatworks. They are gluten free, vegan friendly, dairy free, non gmo and no cholesterol. It is the only oat-powered natural smoothie made with real fruit and no added sugar. 

About From Ice Cream to Marathon

Hey! I'm Katie. Last year I decided I was tired of being fat and unhealthy. So I started running and changed my way of eating. I've ran numerous 5k's, 6 half marathons, and 3 full marathons. I am now training for a 100 mile ultra in April! I've lost almost 40 lbs., with a little more to go. Crossing the finish line at my first 5k was an awesome experience, and that triggered an obsession with running that I will have for the rest of my life! Join me on this 'mostly' ice cream free journey!

Check out her full review of Oatworks and how to enter the giveaway here.


Spotted On: The Fashionisette

Our newest blogger, The Fashionisette gives Oatworks a try:

Topping my charts is Oatworks. Thanks again to my doll J, I was introduced to a new type of smoothie. The first thing I asked her was if it is gluten-free...and when she said yes I was like I am on board! I love oatmeal...especially in the winter. It's not only filling, but it's so healthy for you. Well, Oatworks not only gives you the best part of oatmeal, it combines it with winning fruit flavors for a jam packed natural smoothie. 

About The Fashionisette

The Fashionisette is a chic online go-to spot for everything fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. They provide everything for the chic twenty-to-thirtysomething dolls and kens who want to know about fashion, style, brands, gadgets, celebrity news, events, and accessories to live a first-class life on a coach budget (with room for upgrades). The site reaches audiences all over the world including all major U.S. cities, U.K., Russia, France, Brazil, and Germany (to name a few).

The Fashionisette, started in April 2010 by Jordanna, continues to grow and expand. Our readers and subscribers value our picks, opinions, and news.

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Spotted On: Whole Foods Magazine


Each sector of the drink industry brings its own excitement, including tales of success, growth and obstacles overcome. In sharing with you their window onto the beverage landscape, these insiders and entrepreneurs will help bring you up to date on the state of the healthy beverage market. Drinks Aplenty Functional drink products and ingredients currently represent an important nexus of consumer interest and innovation. People are looking to beverages as ideal delivery systems for all kinds of active ingredients, according to Lara Niemann, marketing director for the Americas for Gelita, Sergeant Bluff, IA. Many consumers also expect these functional drinks to be natural, she adds.

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Spotted On: Fit Bottomed Girls


Fit Bottomed Girls share why Oatworks is so lovable:

I love starting out my day with a big, nutritious smoothie. But sometimes, when I’m trying to get to the pool by 6 a.m. and I barely have the coordination to put my swimsuit on the right way, the thought of getting all those ingredients out, blending them up, putting them away and washing my blender out is a little more than I can handle.

(You’re welcome to call me lazy, but hey — I am up at 5 a.m. and heading to a workout. My morning motivation can only carry me so far, you know?)

But! Just because I don’t have the time/energy/brainpower to mix up a homemade smoothie doesn’t mean I’m leaving the house without something in the tank. It just needs to be something of the grab-and-go variety. Like a pre-made smoothie in a bottle that packs lots of nutrition and very little junk into a few gulps.

Like Oatworks.

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Spotted On: Packaging World


With consumers growing increasingly aware of the health benefits to be derived from oat-based foods, more and more variations of such foods are becoming available. Often enough, the packaging chosen for these introductions plays a key role, either in getting the product launched or in taking it to a next level.

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Spotted On: Beverage World


While soluble-fiber-based drinks are becoming a segment unto themselves, it’s only recently that companies have started deriving that fiber from oats. “We sort of saw this resurgence in the popularity of oatmeal—Starbucks introduced it a few years back and it’s been their biggest-selling non-beverage item,” says David Peters, CEO of Oatworks (pictured, left), which offers a line of oat-based drinks available in Strawberry Banana, Peach Mango and Pomegranate Blueberry flavors. After nearly two years of development, Oatworks products finally launched in June.

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Spotted On: Beverage Industry


After test launching its line of Oatworks oat-powered, natural smoothies last year, Wellness Works has relaunched the line with new packaging and enhanced formulations. Available in Peach Mango, Strawberry Banana and Pomegranate Blueberry flavors, the smoothies now feature a more viscous consistency as well as a new bottle structure, label and graphics.

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Spotted On: Grocery Headquarters


Recognizing the dilemma for busy consumers who want to start their day with a bowl of nutrient-rich oatmeal, but lack the time to prepare it, Oatworks has introduced a natural smoothie combining the power of oats with 100% real fruit juice in a convenient, easy-to-enjoy format.

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Spotted On: NewHope360


Oatworks is packed full of beta-glucan, a naturally occurring soluble fiber that is considered to be the healthiest part of the oat and which is responsible for many of oatmeal’s key health benefits. Beta-glucan supports healthy cholesterol levels, provides sustained energy without the crash and increases satiety, making you feel fuller longer.

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Spotted On: Beverage Daily


Wellness Works CEO David Peters tells that the NYC firm has attracted interest from major firms in its healthy Oatworks smoothie brand, and says this shows the potential of the novel oat beta glucan-based beverage.

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Spotted On: Drug Store News


Wellness Works this week announced its new product innovation combining nutrient-rich oatmeal with 100% fruit juice to offer a new breakfast smoothie for the busy consumer on-the-go. Oatworks is a natural smoothie with beta glucan, a naturally occurring soluble fiber that is considered to be the healthiest part of the oat and that is responsible for many of oatmeal’s key health benefits, Wellness Works stated. Beta glucan helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol, provides sustained energy release without the crash and also increases satiety, making you feel fuller longer, the company noted.

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