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The Power of Oats. Bottled.

Spotted On: Terresa's Steals and Deals

Terresa highlights what she likes about Oatworks and about how it is now available at Whole Foods:

It is gluten free, vegan friendly, daily free, non-GMO, doesn't have cholesterol and nothing artificial.  It is just incredible how much oats are packed into this tiny drink - equivalent of 2 bowls of oatmeal!  What's most surprising is the fact that your tongue won't feel the oats at all.  It is super smooth and syrupy.  

Great to take on the go, especially when you're in the rush in the morning.  It fills you up, and it's not overly sweet, just enough to tingle your taste buds.  When you don't even have time for instant oatmeal, this is the way to go! 

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