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The Power of Oats. Bottled.

Spotted On: Nicole's Nickels

Nicole, a blogger who compiles the best money-makers and money-savers for you, gives her views on Oatworks smoothies and finds them super filling and yummy:

Drinking a fruit flavored oatmeal smoothie sounded strange but I am always willing to try things once! Plus I liked the ingredients of this and the idea of a super portable breakfast or snack like this appeals to me so much more now with 3 babies! I thought the portion size of these drinks was generous and the consistency of the drink was great.  They were really filling, I had them 3 days in a row for breakfast and didn’t even think about lunch until much later! This for me is the mark of a good breakfast as sometimes I don’t have the time to eat again just a few hours after breakfast.  My favorite was the strawberry banana but I did like all of the flavors.

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