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The Power of Oats. Bottled.

Spotted On: Hey Mishka

With the craziness that comes with Fashion Week for those in the fashion industry, Hey Mishka shares her breakfast on-the-go and it's Oatworks:

Some would say the 30 minutes of yoga, DIY green smoothie and meditation session are morning rituals that are crucial to surviving the busiest week of New York’s fashion calendar, but sometimes what you need is an extra hour of sleep and a quick and healthy breakfast to-go.

For these exact reasons, I love my stash of Oat Works smoothies. These heart-healthy, energy boosting bottles of goodness are convenient and filling, perfect for mornings when I still have one eye closed, am 15 minutes late, and can’t figure out how to operate my blender due to exhaustion. Also, they’re super delicious.

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Hey Mishka is a Brooklyn-based blog dedicated to amazing style, creative living, and endless festivity. I share plenty of snapshots of my colorful, lovely life here too. I’m all about creative & stylish living from head-to-toe, wall-to-wall. I believe every single day is worth celebrating, and we should always be exploring ways to illuminate our lives with gratitude and dance moves.

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