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The Power of Oats. Bottled.

Spotted On: Foodie Empress

Foodie Empress, an avid reviewer of all things food-related, shares why she loves Oatworks:

Oatworks combines the wholesome goodness of oats with the delicious, refreshing taste of a fruit smoothie (lump-free).  Perfect for living a healthy lifestyle on the GO!  With just one sip, will have you craving for more Oatworks.  May you ask what makes Oatworks good for YOU?  Well, it will definitely kickstart your morning, while giving you an afternoon boost!  It is packed with fruit and fiber that gives your body a natural lift to get your day started… or re-started.  By sustaining your energy to stay active (to keep up with those energetic kids of yours), stay focused, and stay ahead. The soluble fiber in the oats, combines with naturally-occuring sugars in the fruits to ensure longer-lasting energy.  Absolutely NO sugar “highs” and “crash” (we all hate crashing)!

About Foodie Empress

Hi, I’m Foodie Empress. I always had a keen for Foods. It started about a year ago with just writing reviews on Yelp. I was just a regular gal who used Yelp to document my experiences at different Restaurants, Bars and Airports, ETC. I would just make a simple, yet short sentence per review. As I checked into more Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Theaters, etc., I went in depth with the reviews. I found myself getting in deeper and more detailed with my reviews. Yelp Miami featured me in their July 2012 Email Newsletter, I was one of the top Yelpers. That was when I felt that I could do more with just writing reviews on Yelp, but the opportunity never presented itself. That was until Andre Kay CEO of Sociallybuzz, Inc., gave me the idea to start my own Foodie Blog and that was how Foodie Empress was born.

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