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Celiac Awareness Month: Oatworks Has You in Mind!

This past May was Celiac Awareness Month, which turned our attention to the estimated 1 in 133 Americans who are affected by autoimmune intolerance to gluten. This intolerance severely limits the diet options for those who are affected. Having Celiac also makes healthy eating much more complicated. Fortunately, as researchers and scientists learn more, those suffering from Celiac are able to avoid consuming gluten much easier than before.

Every bottle of Oatworks is made with those who suffer from Celiac in mind. Besides being free of animal products, GMOs and added sugar, Oatworks is certified gluten-free, making it a smart choice not just for those who suffer from Celiac, but for every body!

We strive to make Oatworks a great healthy snack, to-go meal, or even a great pick-me-up for whenever you are looking for a natural boost to get through the day. So go ahead and grab a bottle, uncap it, and bring on the goodness.

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